Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The silence at Oak'S

So it seems that we have been very quiet since our last post reason being that we have both been occupied with wedding plans.  Most weekends spent dress shopping and meeting with planners. In forthcoming posts we will be sharing tips in planning weddings.

I recently installed an app called "Our Wedding" from google play store, which helps budget, plan, assign deadlines for tasks and much more. There are a lot of planner apps out there and making use of one will help achieve a great success on your special day. There's a popular saying - those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Note its never to early to plan as this allows for providing alternatives which might come in handy. Decorators, photographers, bridal train, location, caterers, Dj, music band, MC and the list goes on and on. Categorize and break into tasks assigning deadlines and budget to keep track of spending.

Remember documenting these tasks help in ensuring no area is overlooked and most importantly bring to life that wedding fantasy!

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