Monday, May 7, 2012

Accessories we can’t live without!!!

Accessories we can’t live without
Last week we did a feature on top ten accessories every woman should have and of course all our loyal women have been pouring in with their comments, so I asked every lady on my blackberry, what accessory can you not do without? Here are a few quotes; I would like to share with you!!!!
My watch, I feel oddly incomplete without it, it’s my one must have fashion accessory – Ihuoma
My earrings, I can have the simplest outfit but if I put some fab jewelry, it can light up the place, it’s like Katy perry said: I really like to look like a history book. I can look 1940s, I can look 1970s hippie-chic or sometimes, I’ll pull that ‘80s Brooklyn hip-hop kid with the door-knocker earrings” Hauwa Miriam Shehu
SHOES, I can’t live without shoes, High heels to be specific!! Jumi-choo (Jumoke)
My earrings, I can’t live without my earrings, they make my face look lovely! -Bukky L
My watch makes me feel complete every day, without it I feel naked – Funmi Fatona of Signature Scents
I totally agree with Elizabeth Taylor “I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t posses radiance, you can only admire it.” Hauwa
I can live without my accessories, they are not that important but shoes!!! (….sigh)! Accessories are the extras that tie the outfit 2geda – Mrs Adetowubo
In response to your question, Pant, Bra and earrings, cos they make you complete! Funmi
Mine is hand accessory watches or bracelets, because my hand feels naked if without – Ose
A handbag, cause everything else fits in dere….. (wink smiley) – Efeomo
It’s a tie between earrings, watch and engagement ring, I sleep and shower with my ring cos I don’t want to lose it n I love it so much, I love earrings especially really chinky big earrings and since I wear my hair short they are very important and of course you have to tell time!!!!! Folakemi
Unfortunately for me I am the most cliché of them all the one accessory I can’t live without is my blackberry! My watch comes in a close second and my handbag a third!!! Bisi A

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