Friday, May 4, 2012

Jewelry Every Woman Must Own

                             Keep it simple and stylish - Top Ten list

Every woman needs to own jewelry and all of it should reflect her personality. For some of us, choosing this kind of jewelry is easy and for others it does not come quite as easily. No matter which category you fall under, this guide will help you to choose a wide array of different pieces we all should own. As I have already said, women can't live without jewelry, but women really can't live without these pieces of jewelry.

  1. A simple pair of diamond studs (or cubic zirconium or small faceted clear quartz if you’re on a tight budget).  My diamond studs are my everyday earrings - they work equally well with jeans or a dress.  Go plain, not too big and pick a metal color you like. Any size you want as long as they fit your needs. These amazing little earrings go with just about anything. Every woman should have at least one pair.
2 . Pearl necklace - This piece is as versatile as it is a must. A pearl necklace can take you from day to night and jeans to dress. Again, if you’re on budget, fresh water pearls are a great option at a fraction of the price.

3 . A simple gold or silver chain.  You can add diamond pendants or charms, or just go plain.   White gold and yellow gold are popular options.

4. A cocktail ring.  Cocktail rings also known as right hand ring scan adds a great dash of glamour to an outfit - buy one that you love, it represents your personal style! This is a fun piece of jewelry to wear in my opinion. A cocktail ring adds a sexy hint of style to any cocktail dress or evening gown. Another great bonus to purchasing a great cocktail ring is that costume jewelry is the preferred option and generally is a bit cheaper.

5. Hoop earrings.  Hoop earrings are a great casual earrings, and they’re one of those timeless designs that will be around forever. We should all also have two pairs of great hoop earrings in sizes of our choosing. Have at least one gold and one silver pair.

6. A statement necklace.  Statement necklaces are for those occasions that call for high-impact style.  Don’t go with trends - buy a necklace that’s going to last.  On a budget?  Check out Etsy or other indie jewelry shops for some great deals from upcoming designers.

7. Quality watch - Every woman who has anything to do or anywhere to be has need of a watch. A classic arm band watch is versatile and can go anywhere with you but you should try for other kinds as well. Always make a watch a statement piece and be creative with it. If you can wear a watch, they’re worth saving and getting a good-quality watch that shows your own personal style.

8. A brooch or pin.  Brooches can be a tricky accessory to pull off sometimes, but chose a simple style in silver or gold and you’ll be set with a classic. This is a great classic piece that can go anywhere at any time. They are wonderful worn on your shirt up by your neckline, but can be worn in many different places to accent any outfit. Brooches can be of any size and can be found in any style and material. Try wearing them on your scarf, hat, shoes, the back of your shirts, on a belt, or even in your hair. This is a wonderful piece to experiment with.

9. A statement bracelet.  Like a statement necklace, a statement bracelet is for when you need to go bold with your personal style.  Timeless picks include simple cuff bracelets or bracelets using faceted gems or glass. 

10. Pendants. Pendants are a way to jazz up any necklace/outfit, just put on a simple silver or gold necklace. Add a touch of color and you have instantly take any out from drab to FAB!!!!

There you have the top ten jewelry pieces every lady should own!!!!! So what are you waiting for, get out there and update your wardrobe now!!!

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