Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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I Loveeeee Neck Pieces!

Hello Fierceville,

I haven't posted nada all week (not good).
Hope your week has been okay..i can't say that about mine though, but glory be to God all the same.

So i was flipping through my pictures last week and i saw quite a number where i spotted quite a few neckpieces and *drums rolling* i got inspired to do a post about how much i love neck pieces

Writing is so cool, you get inspired randomly....makes me feel creatively useful.

A lot of fashion forward girls and guys are a bit too conservative about neck pieces and the interesting thing is they are too fun not to use when pairing an outfit

For me, I go all out when it comes to neck pieces cuz they scream your outfit or give it that umph it needs.

The chunkier the better, the stranger the best : )

I apologize for the picture overload lol ...here they are in bits and pieces

mustard neckpiece- TopShop
New look/H&M/Random market in Dubai

Topshop/ Asos/Dubai/Ghana
Gifted by a friend
Phew !!!

Lord knows how many people i have initiated into this neck piece thing....somewhere deep down, i feel like i will design some someday

I love them so : )

Its friday tomoz   ....  so excited the week is finally over

Till later .... join the site before you leave lovelies
Its Ms Modish,

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