Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ways to rock Oak’S accessories

I thought I had it all figured out - In my head I did a quick scan of the clothes hanging in the wardrobe followed by the shoes on the shoe rack.  Dressing up for an occasion was never the issue, but complementing my appearance with  accessories was a big deal, funny right, after all I sell accessories!!! The best part about doing this is what the community shopping creates, when lost on how to mix and match I solve the riddle by checking out one of the “thank you, I look great” pictures my friends have sent over the weekend and BOOM I got the styling for the event sorted.  So this piece is to all our great customers who have great taste for Oak’S accessories and know how to rock them!!!

Chandelier earrrings

Chandelier earrings

Gold studded loops

Gold hooks earrings


Chandelier earrings


Round silver studds

Yellow choker

Gold pearl loops

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